Our mission

Our mission

Our mission

We’re Biff’s and we're hell-bent on making the world's most indulgent plant-based comfort food out of one of the world's weirdest fruit.

Living each day under our “Vegan AF” mantra, we believe everyone deserves drool-worthy, cruelty-free food, without compromise. 

We're on a mission to create innovative, playful and exciting food for plant based folk and meat-eaters alike that smashes preconceptions of what fruit can be. 

...And we do it all whilst trying our damnedest to keep things better for people and planet too. 

It's less vegan-preachy, more Venice Beach-y. But it's always good for your bad self. 


Our food

Our mission

Our mission

We’ve turned that weird spiky tropical fruit into burgers and wings that have launched a thousand oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-that’s-vegan moments. 

Our signature ‘crispy fried jackfruit’ is totally unique, unprocessed and hand-formed to create something that tastes naughty, but without any processed nasties.

Jackfruit is double dipped in a panko crumb and fried to create an ultimate meat-like texture, with the wingz served on sugarcane ‘bone’ for that authentic ‘feel’. 

But it doesn't stop there: we are 100% (200%?) all about the flavours, and what makes us Biff's is that we ready to take things further:  Corn 'ribs'? Homemade 'bacon' jam? London's first vegan poutine? You name it, we'll make it plant-based. But still delicious. 


Our story

Our mission

Our story

The Shack was founded by Biff and Christa Bloom-Burrows.  

Our journey to jackfruit-based fame started in late 2016, when Biff was transitioning to a 100% vegan diet. 

After suffering a string of sad bean burgers, Biff was struggling in those moments of indulgence to find a vegan option that hit the spot. So we set about creating our own meat alternative. 

After months perfecting our secret recipe, we decided to go big: Biff quit his marketing job, we bought a van instead of a house and the Shack started trading in May 2017. 

Since then we've opened multiple sites in London and taken Crispy Fried Jackfruit nationwide, with our first on-trade product lines launching  in October 2019.

We haven't slept much since, but we sure as hell haven't looked back.